Friday, January 7, 2011

Just a small post

Geeking ahead

I'm in the middle of playing with my computer... overclocking my Intel Core i5 750, trying to get the voltage right so I can get a stable OC (at 4.0 GHz), so I'm going to keep the post small.

Recently I built a server and tonight I finally got the software and everything working properly.  It's going to take a while to get use to the new setup.  It's a huge step towards getting our office to go completely paperless!  Bring on the Electronic Medical Records!  We'll be the first optometrists office that I know of to get rid of the paper charts!

In other news, I've also been having fun overclocking.  If anybody is googling the problem with 3DMark 11 having problems when it gets to the physics test, the solution is to close 3DMark and when you reopen it, right click and "run as administrator" and that should fix the problem.  I believe the problem is coming when the program doesn't have access to view the hardware specifications of the computer but it never brings up that windows UAC popup that asks for administrative controls to make changes/view the computers files.  That solution worked for me (it's also the reason why the program works when you uncheck the box to scan for computer hardware in the settings tab).  I still get some pretty sad readings from 3DMark 11, I'm only running it on a Radeon 5750, one of the lower end DX11 cards.  3DMark Vantage gives me fair results, but it just isn't built for any kind of real performance with tessellation or any of the other DX11 eye candy.

The lovin'

The biggest news recently is that Anna and I have finally gone on our (much deserved) honeymoon!  We're only 2.5 years late, and we did have to travel in 2 separate vehicles again (different flights down, same flight back home) which doesn't even compare to the previous honeymoon we had (moving ourselves, driving across the country at 45 mph in two separate cars).

Aside from the hiccup in flight plans, everything else went off without a hitch!  We both arrived at the Miami airport on the Tuesday before Christmas and cabbed it down to South Beach where our hotel was.  We stayed at the Astor Hotel which I highly recommend (if you like great music playing right outside your window each evening and birds chirping in the courtyard each morning).  We ended up spending huge amounts of our time laying out on South Beach (two short blocks away) or bumming around the streets looking for little shops to wander around.  Fatburger was just across the street which was a great help to attaining my goal of hardened arteries at a young age, but my favorite little shop was the small French bakery right across the street from the hotel.

I do want to keep writing, however, I am very distractable and Anna is calling for me... I must go!

Edit: Also, I really need to tell y'all about that video project I was working on throughout 2010 for my parents.  I put all our home videos to DVD, it only took about 200 man hours, some sweat and a few tears (usually tears of laughter when I saw myself or other siblings doing something ridiculously awesome).  December was an intense month getting that put together.  I also used Lightscribe DVDs to burn titles and screenshots as labels for each one.

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