Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Addiction

The time is 1:33 a.m. and I’m considering googling “tech’s anonymous” to see if there’s some kind of group I can go to in order to overcome my addictions to reading about all these fun gadgets that are coming out.  Each morning I wake up and the first thing I do is check my phone for the 3 am daily email I receive from about their Shell Shocker deals.  At work today I spent the bulk of my working hours watching the tech support remotely install ECR Vault on the server and workstations and the rest of the day playing with the scanner (which is amazingly fast) and receiving the official training from the technician.  A quick word about the process, with our officejet all-in-one it would take about 2 minutes to scan and assign each sheet of paper in a patients file, with a touch of training my coworker ripped through about 200 insurance claims and attached them to the corresponding patient files in about an hour and a half.  It took her longer to go through the stack of papers taking out the staples than it did scanning and archiving them.

Another little ditty about my adventures through silicon-land… last night I spent almost 5 hours on the phone with my dad giving tech support to him.  After a little bit I logged in to his computer and tested out the fantastic LogMeIn program.  Remote assistance at its finest!  Many failed attempts with the default Windows Remote Assistance tool through Windows Messenger had me a little flustered so I finally caved in and signed up for this service I’ve seen mentioned here and there in all my tech pr0n I’ve been reading.  Highly recommended.  The LogMeIn Free edition in conjunction with Dropbox gives amazing functionality to anybody trying to help somebody out (and please, if you’re reading this and thinking about doing the Dropbox thing, use my link and we’ll both get an extra bit of free online space in our accounts).

It’s late, I’m tired.

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