Sunday, January 16, 2011

The next weekly post.

Anna hasn't been feeling well.  She's been on her ped's rotation and probably picked some little bug up from one of the kids which has left her with headaches and a sore throat.  Today was suppose to be spent in the peds ER but she decided to call in sick so it isn't spread to the rest of the world.  I feel bad for my little wifey, she's a sniffley mess.

Sushi has come and gone three times this month so far.  Once at our neighborhood favorite place Ichiban, once at a higher class place for one of our friends birthday parties called Hachi's Kitchen, and lastly we used a coupon at a place called Blue Fin Sushi. Hachi's gets the award for the tastiest and classiest place, Blue Fin would be the most cost effective place if you're buying a couple rolls individually but Ichiban still remains my all time favorite with their awesome taste and the all you can eat option.  Lucky for me it's just a block from where we live!

Work has been chugging along.  Last week I spent a few 12 hour days getting the office computers updated with the latest software so we can begin going paperless.  We will be one of the first established Chicago optometry offices to change from a paper files system to paperless EMR (electronic medical records).  Last week Officemate was installed on our newly built server.  One of the challenges with converting an office like ours (established over 15 years ago) is scanning all the paper files into the server.  All should be set up this coming week using ECR Vault which I'll be teaching co-workers about so they can do all the gruntwork of getting things scanned.

The rest of the family videos came this week as well.  There was a bit of a scare when the box was opened because one of the videos got crunched during shipping (thanks UPS), however, the video that broke was the Safety First video from my dad around the 2002 Olympics and there's plenty of backups.  None of the other videos have backups (which is why I'm doing this).  I've only started on one of the videos but I've found a few jems I've posted to Facebook and one to Youtube.

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