Friday, July 23, 2010

A New Beginning

I'm once again deciding that I'm going to be more fervent in posting on blogger... we'll see how that goes. Recently I've been staying up throughout the nights and have noticed one thing, my ADHD takes me all over the interwebs, so I thought I'd have fun writing about the things I'm learning about.

My latest distraction has been refreshing the page at Gizmodo while I've been either at work (don't tell my boss) or at home all hours of the night. I'll also check out Engadget and LifeHacker but I'm mainly addicted to Giz, they're all just blogs about all the little gadgets and random bit's of data that my biological hard drive likes to sop up. There's been drama with the iPhone 4 from the day it leaked months ago and it will probably never end, unless Apple causes something as catastrophic as the Gulf oil spill and goes out of business... thus causing the end of the iPhone debacles.

Another thing my tired eye has been scanning over during these late night adventures through my portal to infinite knowledge has been about building, tweaking, updating, overclocking and anything else related to computers. Specifically my computer. Earlier this week I finally figured out how I needed to set up my BIOS to get my RAM to run at it's rated speed (DDR3 1600) rather than the default speed my motherboard sets it at (1333), but I'll leave that for another night. I'm sure I'll be writing plenty about the frustrations I go through with my computer.

So, back on the topic of my iPhone drama. I've been following the whole fiasco for a couple months and decided I wanted this device for my birthday. A few weeks ago I placed orders for two phones, one for Anna and one for me.

Time passes. More time passes. I hear about my friends getting their phones while more time passes. One friend updated his facebook status saying it only took him a couple days to get his when he put his name on the waiting list at the local Apple store, so I thought I'd try that out.

Tuesday this week I went in to the store, put my name on the list for two phones, then shortly after got quite a few emails from Apple. Emails saying they will email me when my phones come in to the Apple store, emails telling me my phones shipped from China, then the next day I got emails saying my phones were ready to be picked up at the Apple store. I was stoked! I hustle down to the store Wednesday after work but they were having "activation issues" and couldn't give anybody their phones. I went this afternoon (technically yesterday, Thursday) and wait in line and the Appleboy grabs my phone. While he's ringing it up we run into a problem, we can't cancel the order that's been shipped to get me the upgrade price at the Apple store.

Awe crap.

So three trips to this store in three days and now I have to wait until Tuesday for my phone to get here from China... I guess that isn't too bad.

On the plus side, Tuesday and Wednesday when I was wandering around downtown Chicago I got to see a quite a stir around the areas they were filming for Transformers 3. Took some pics, snatched a little video clip and laid my eyes on the beautiful car/alien/machine named Bumblebee while it did a few peelouts in the street. I'll try to post pics later (if I remember to update blogger again within the next year or two).


I forgot my random picture

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