Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm doing really awesome at this staying up late stuff!

So, I'm dusting the cobwebs from the old noggin and warming up my processor for some digit doodling and number crunching in my DePaul transfer student orientation placement tests. I need to take a math test and an English test (I hate English, but I still remember to capitalize it) before I can move on with the student orientation, scheduling meetings with an adviser and setting my class schedule.

Part of tonight was spent gazing at the FedEx tracking screen update about where in the world my iPhone is (it's in Chicago and hasn't moved from the same location since it got there at 6 this morning, just a little too late to be tossed on a truck and delivered to me today). I understand it hasn't moved and it isn't going to move until tomorrow when our own personal FedEx friend Angie delivers the beautiful box tomorrow, but I still like checking out the screen and drooling a little bit in anticipation.

The rest of tonight has been spent looking over numbers, symbols and installing software (and getting frustrated when some software decides to be obstinate and problematic). During my days at the Y I invested $10 in a license for a product called Mathcad 11, like a graphing calculator extraordinaire for a computer. Usually selling for around $1200. I snatched that up and I've spent a little time tonight attempting to install it with little luck. I'm bailing on it tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow to tinker some more.

In addition, I've also purchased a couple little calculator apps for my phone, one has a fairly nice math review function in the free version and an even more in depth equation review utility in the paid app. By principal I'm thinking about supporting these guys with the $3 or $4 because they're making my life so much easier right now by the work they did putting this in my pocket.

I'm skipping the insertion of links to the things I've been hunting down (fedex tracking, mathcad and the iphone app) for a few reasons: I'm not a professional blogger and my posts aren't for marketing purposes, anybody that might read this (my family) isn't going to care about mathcad or calculators, and last and most importantly... nobody is actually going to read this because nobody really even knows about it.

If I get my Mathcad 11 working on my Windows 7 OS by running Windows XP mode through the Virtual PC successfully then I might write a post about how I did it, just in case theirs some other poor college student with a Win7 machine that's trying to install an ancient math program that's four versions behind and they find me through a google search.



  1. Ok, I got mathcad working without any problems except that apparently I can't activate the software because "mathsoft" got bought out by PTC and I'm having a hard time registering the software. I'm using the 15 day trial right now so hopefully that's long enough to send a couple emails to the PTC peeps to get an activation code for me, or I'll figure out that I don't actually need it for anything (like so much other crap I invest time into).