Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not much to write lately

Life has been busy with work but nothing hugely significant happening.  I continue to stay up past my bedtime reading blips of the most random things available on the interweb, my taxes are done (at 5 am after staying up through the night during the big Chicago snow storm last week) and our fish party was a success.


How could I forget the most awesome fish ever?  Last year for Valentines Day Anna was feeling sad about not being able to have a puppy in our apartments so I got her something even better, a velvet red beta fish.  Given the circumstances under his birth into the Healey family we decided to name him Valentino.  Fast forward one year, first birthday party for big V.  Having a fish themed birthday party was our second best theme party we've thrown, next to the To Catch A Predator party where I dressed up as Chris Hansen, the girls as little school girls and the other men as creepy old guys.

For the big day we supplied sushi, red velvet cake, gummy worms, gummy sharks, Swedish fish and goldfish crackers.  The entertainment for the night revolved around our attempts to get Valentino to jump out of his fishbowl and through a flaming hoop of death but when he wouldn't we decided to sit back and watch a few of the BBC Planet Earth series documentaries.  The party fizzled and eventually Anna and I turned on SNL and went to bed.

Techy Geeky Updates

None this time.  Someday I'll put together a nice comprehensive outline of my offices hardware/software schematic so anybody wondering how they might be able to configure their optometry office can see how we did it, learn from my mistakes and ask their own questions.  So far ECR Vault is working fantastic at getting the patients files scanned and properly organized into OfficeMate.


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