Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Secrets Are So Much Fun

So I've been diligently working on a secret project for some secret family and it's going to be a pretty big surprise, unless the secret gets out.  It's been fairly time consuming however I've been having an absolute blast at it.  Some of my family know about it and others don't, but it's been a great project to work on and things are coming together quite nicely.  However, if I keep writing about it I'll probably end up spilling the beans and I don't want my parents Christmas present ruined early (oops, did I say that?)

Aside from the project, I've been jumping through hoops left and right to get ready for the imminent arrival of the eighth of September, which happens to be the first day of classes at DePaul.  I really regret to inform everybody of some sad news.  Due to multiple circumstances involving time, transfer credits, money and work I will not be able to attend DePaul University to complete my undergraduate degree in Chemistry in preparation for optometry school.  Not enough credits transferred from BYU to DePaul so I would need to be in school for more than 2 years in order to finish, which means if Anna matches in California (fingers are crossed that she will) then I would have to leave school again just before I would graduate.  So I'll wait until we know where we're going to be for the next set amount of time before attempting to finish school.

It's a nice weight off my chest, to have made a decision about what I'm going to be spending my time doing for the next couple years.  I wouldn't be a very nice person to be around if I was back in school full time and had a part time job to help pay the bills (which is why I did so poorly while I was at BYU, too much on my plate).

It's getting late again, and I just finished with another one of the project sections, I'm going to bed.

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