Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is somebody trying to tell me something?

Before I explain the title I'm going to disclose the new blogging platform I'm testing out (which loosely ties in to the title). The iPhone is a pretty great tool, let's see how it handles.

Last night I wrote about the challenges of getting my tests taken in order to proceed with my schooling situation, another hurdle decided to show it's ugly face.
Last night I opened up the writing test to begin the 48 hour countdown but tonight while trying to log on to the site to read the article again I was disconnected from the internet. Not a huge deal, but it isn't something that happens a lot. So I reset the modem and do all the regular things to get it running again. Nothing. One long phone call later and I've got an appointment with a comcast tech guy to come out to the house to fix it... The only problem is the appointment is scheduled for Thursday, about 16 hours after my essay is due.

I'm not taking the hint, I'm going to keep trying to get in to school until I get completely stopped, then I'll just start doing online courses through BYU.

Am I really not suppose to go to DePaul? Sheesh!

Oh, and blogging on the iPhone kinda sucks. Maybe there's a good app for it, but the website definitely isn't designed for the mobile poster.

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