Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And So It Begins

I'm here... it's late... I'm going to bed...

But First:

Welcome to my bliggity blog where all your wildest dreams come true (if your wildest dreams include reading about my boring life).

Currently in the life of Eric:
  1. Working full time at Dr Silvia Pelini's office as a lab manager, fixing glasses, cutting lenses, keeping track of lab accounts, working the live long day. Also building a website for the doctor because ours disappeared.
  2. Triathlon training. However, the season is wrapping up. The Chicago Triathlon is this weekend then 2 weeks later is Ironman Wisconsin (my first Iron distance, I'm realizing I'm actually a sprinter and not really a distance jockey... like a dwarf I'm swift and deadly over short distances but I do get bored with the longer stuff).
  3. Sponsor searching. Looking for people/companies that want to give me their products to use and promote.
  4. Modeling. I haven't had any shoots recently but my calendar recently came out and I have them for sale if anybody wants a signed copy.
  5. I have attention deficit disorder. I've gotten distracted like 5 times while writing this so far. My dad and older brother have it too... it's legit!
  6. Getting back into school to finish my degree. Chem major, I've got 2 more semesters before I'm ready to graduate with my degree in chemistry.
  7. Getting into optometry school. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life... be an eye doctor. A professional triathlete can only do that for so long, but an eye doctor can afford the nice triathlon toys to go fast, and with my speed... I'll be unstoppable!
  8. Last but not least... Loving Anna. My wife. This bullet point actually blankets all the others in terms of my priorities and how much of my life is devoted to it.
Here's a picture, because if you're like me (A.D.D) then you like to look at things... helps keep focus.


  1. Hey Eric! Welcome to the blogging world. I love the picture of you and Anna. I actually get a kick out of the extended-arm-photos, I think they're great.

    Happy blogging. See you around the blog-o-sphere!

    Auntie Shauna

  2. "Here's a picture, because if you're like me (A.D.D) then you like to look at things... helps keep focus.".... so true i love that!! lol